The Standard - Black Guitar Strap

The Standard - Black Guitar Strap


Nothing fancy about this strap. But that's what you want, right? This is a sturdy strap that is going to last you a lifetime. It will do its job. No more, no less. It's not that this strap is an underachiever, it just knows what it's meant to do and does it well! 

  • Black nylon seatbelt strapping material
  • Light brown leather end pieces
  • Bonded polyester stitching, reinforced keyhole stitching
  • Nickel plated steel loop and ring, made in U.S.A.

Goes well with just about any guitar. Hey, a black guitar strap is a classic.

2 Inches wide

Adjustable up to 60 inches long

Free domestic U.S. shipping! 

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