What is your shipping policy?


We offer FREE domestic U.S. shipping on all our products. 


Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time. We are seeking affordable options for shipping. 

Please contact us if this is an issue. We will do our best to accommodate. 


Where do you get your material?

Let's start with the leather. Our leather comes from a textile supply store in Minnesota. We hand-select each piece. For some of our straps, to keep to our commitment of using recycled materials where possible, we use recycled upholstery leather. We will denote this in each product description, so you know exactly what you're getting.

Our nickel-plated steel loops and slides are durable and built to hold the heaviest of instruments. And, they're made in the USA!

Now the strap material. For our standard straps, we use the same textile supplier as for our leather. Our BatchWerks straps are sourced from around the MidWest. We work with secondhand stores in Minneapolis to find materials that were previously worn, but aren't ready to be retired yet. We have created some of our most beautiful straps from wool trench coats, houndstooth jackets, tweed sport coats, scarves and blankets. 

Who makes them?

We do! All the straps are made by our small team here in Minneapolis. 

How do they fit?

All guitar straps are 2 inches wide and adjustable up to 60 inches long, unless we state otherwise. They fit comfortably on any guitar or bass that has two strap buttons on the body of the guitar, or a headstock strap button. 

On a 5'7" male (sounds a lot like our founder...) using an acoustic or an electric that has strap buttons located on the body of the guitar, the adjustable slide sits right above the waist comfortably. 

Any other questions?

Email us: taylor@midweststrapwerks.com

Call us: (612)361-9965