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Midwest Strapwerks Guitar Straps

We create guitar straps from upcycled and repurposed materials. We are a group of guitarists who have an appreciation for craft. From the wood used to make a guitar, up to the tuning machines on the headstock - we appreciate focus on detail. Craft is our passion.

We bring that same passion to the guitar straps that we make. From the materials we choose, to the leather that we hand tool and the steel loops that are on every one of our guitar straps. 



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About Us


Our team of music lovers set out to create a different guitar strap. We were tired of using cheap straps on guitars that we loved. They didn't feel secure, they didn't fit our own personal style and they weren't unique - like the instruments that we play. 

We knew there was potential in utilizing fabrics with a history. If all the guitars we've ever owned have been secondhand, why couldn't our guitar straps be made from used fabrics? 

We are located in Minnneapolis, Minnesota in the Northeast Arts District - where thousands of musicians and artists hang their hats. 




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"Comparing the Amana with the straps I've used before, the first thing I notice is the quality material. The steel hardware and stitched leather convince me I won't drop one of my ladies. On top of the craftsmanship, this strap is comfortable to wear for hours at a time. I look forward to seeing the next batch, keep them coming!"

Erich J. - FL

"Soon every guitar I own will have y'alls strap on it!"

Chet W. - TX.

"Loving my straps!"

Douglas K. - CA.


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